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The Lileya Hotel offers the following hydrotherapeutic procedures:
- mineral bath (duration - 20 min.);
- mineral pine bath (duration - 20 min.);
- underwater massage (hydromassage) (duration - 20 min.).

Hydrotherapeutic proceduresThe main curative factor of the Lileya Hotel is ‘Polyana Kvasova " mineral water. Except for internal use of this water it is used for other medical procedures. Medical carbon mineral baths. They have various effects on the body and therefore improve the general condition of patients. Mineral baths are extremely useful for normal work of cardiovascular system. A gentle tingling, tickling of the skin with bubbles of carbon dioxide, improves blood flow, makes the supply of oxygen and other nutrients to tissues and separate organs better, and is useful for their fixation. This is particularly important for patients with metabolic disorders, including people who suffer from diabetes, have problems with the adrenal glands, thyroid and so on. Mineral baths help to treat diseases of respiratory organs, peripheral nervous system and the musculoskeletal system.

Mineral pine bath. In this procedure, the impact of mineral water is enhanced by essential oils, e.i. substances that are found in a spruce extract. A spruce smell evokes pleasant feelings and positive emotions that affect the overall reactivity of the body, nervous, cardiovascular, digestive and other systems of the body. These baths are prescribed for functional disorders of the nervous system and hyperexcitability.

Underwater massage (hydromassage) is a hydropathic procedure in which the patient's body , immersed in water, is massaged with water jet . The essence and effectiveness of underwater shower -massage is that it includes several useful components: a therapeutic bath, a temperatures contrast and a physical impact of a jet. In modern cosmetology underwater massage is used as a magic remedy for cellulite.
In what cases it is recommended to have underwater massage? First of all, when you need to relieve a nerve and emotional stress and a chronic fatigue. This normalizes patients’ sleep, increased social and productive activity. In addition, the procedure quickly makes impaired hemodynamics better, which helps to relieve swelling and eliminates stagnation in the body. Underwater massage is very useful for the recovery of the musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal tract, it pares the entire vasculature. Sessions of underwater massage play an important role in body shaping, helping to get rid from cellulite and fat, and positively influencing the shape and skin tone.

The contraindications for underwater massage include: infectious processes in the acute stages, a high blood pressure, severe cardiac diseases and cancer pathology.
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