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Salt room (cave)

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Salt room (cave)

Curative peculiarities of salt have been known since the ancient times. Even in old monasteries, monks advised patients with breathing problems going to salt caves where they crushed salt boulders and inhaled a salt dust. After such procedures people used to get rid of those ailments for a while or even forget about them at all.

"Salt Cave" is a modern and original method of use of salt for therapeutic and recreational purposes. Salt Cave fresh ionized air will help to improve your health and has a support action for treatment of:

• Respiratory tract infection: nose, throat , larynx, maxillary sinus, bronchial asthma, chronic inflammation of the bronchi and lungs;
• Hypothyroidism;
• Cardiovascular diseases: blood circulation hypofunction, postinfarction conditions, high blood pressure
• Dermatological diseases: lichen, dermatitis, allergies etc.
• Dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system;
• Nervousness, states of fatigue, decrease in immunity and stress.

Phytobar is at your disposal:
Salt room (cave) Oxygen cocktail Oxygen cocktail is a universal recovery drink of our hotel’s phytobar. It is a tasty persistent foam of bubbles filled with healthful oxygen. It may include various juices, syrups, herbal and combination herbal medicinal products. The benefit of such beverages is proven by the fact that though the stomach the body gets 10 times more oxygen than through the lungs. Thus, just one glass of this drink replaces the half-hour walk in the fresh air. Oxygen has a very favorable effect on our organism- it relieves chronic fatigue, accelerates metabolism and improves digestion. Moreover, our phytobar’s oxygen cocktails help you to cope with allergies, diseases of the lungs, liver and other organs. After consuming oxygen cocktails, even perfectly healthy people feel the burst of energy and vivacity.

Salt room (cave) Herbal tea. The Lileya Hotel phytobar offers a huge selection of herbal tea (liver, gall, heart disease, cleansing, soothing, etc.), made of fruits, flowers and leaves of garden, meadow and forest plants. Such drinks improve immunity, tone up and refresh. They are used in the treatment and prevention of many diseases, having an exquisite taste, a delicate and pleasant flavour. Herbal tea helps to improve your mental and physical abilities.
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