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Phyto-steam teraphy

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Phyto-steam teraphy is a method of complex, rehabilitational, preventative sanitation and treatment of the human body using heat and steam and adding the extracts of medicinal herbs.

Phyto-steam teraphy The phyto-steam therapy method revives an ancient oriental healing technique that was widely used in India and Tibet. It operates at the capillary level and activates self-healing properties of the body.

The procedure takes place in a specially designed setting for PhST. Its effectiveness exceeds the effect of 2 hours, spent in a traditional Russian bath. Whereas there is no significant burden on the cardiovascular system, vice versa the work of the heart and the entire vascular capillary system is regulated. The positive effect lies in the fact that the head of a patient, undergoing the procedure, remains isolated from air, heated and depleted by oxygen. It results in intense gas exchange and, consequently, metabolism increase.

Procedure duration is one hour. The procedure includes: a phyto-steam procedure (15 - 20 min.), a dry wrapping, a rest in a special thermo-cocoon and a massage (cream and oil rubbing).

Phyto-steam teraphy The procedure regulates the work of cardiovascular system, improves the nutrition of tissues and cells of the body, increases antibacterial properties of skin and activates metabolic processes that contribute to the rejuvenation of the body and slow the process of aging. It is prescribed to activate regenerative processes, normalize immune system and support health.

It is recommended for treatment the diseases of the digestive, respiratory and nervous system, joints and musculoskeletal system.
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