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Trancarpathian region is a fabulously beautiful land whose inhabitants always welcome guests warmly. In every corner of Transcarpathian region you'll be offered to try flavoured Trnscarpathian wines , made by wine-makers, and fine and delicious dishes of local cuisine.


Transcarpathia has got many ancient architectural monuments of the Middle Ages , including stone castles and places of worship. Mukachevo castle - "Palanok" - is monument of architecture and history of the XIII -XVII centuries. In the IХ-Х centuries there was built a small fortress to guard the Carpathian borders of Kyyivan Rus. Palanok Castle - Rákóczi dynasty of the XVII cent. The first mention of the castle dates back to the year 1450. Here conceived a great love of legendary Ilona Zrini, a mother of national Hungarian hero Ferenc Rákóczi II.

Thermal springs in Beregovoe and Kosino - are huge outdoor pools , the water temperature in which is 34 degrees. How can anyone abandon the pleasure of swimming in a warm water of hot outdoor springs, especially in winter !


Count Schonborn Palace
Count Schonborn Hunting castle was built by Count Buheym Schonborn in 1890-1895. The building is considered to be one of the most beautiful of all preserved castles in Eastern Europe. The Palace has 365 windows –that stand for a number of days in a year, 52 rooms – a number of weeks, 12 entrances – that correspond to a number of months. Doors, entrances and windows are decorated with stained glass on biblical themes. Over the building there are 4 towers of various shapes. A lake in the palace was dug in the form the Austro-Hungarian Empire of those times. From the end of April to early May sakura is blooming here.


In 1945, the castle was transformed into a resthouse, and in 1958, after Mykyta Khrushchov’s visit, there was opened the first in Ukraine climatological resort – the Karpaty, which specialized in treatment of cardiovascular diseases.


Synevir National Parkis one of the largest and most attractive natural preserved areas of Trascarpathia. To see this natural wonder, one should climb the mountains – a blue limpid lake has found its shelter amid the mountains . There exists a legend about the origin of the lake. Synevir is the largest and one of the most beautiful lakes in the Carpathians. It is also called “A Sea Eye” and " A Pearl of the Carpathians" . Indeed, when viewed from a bird's eye, a beautiful picture of bright blue water surface in a green forest with a small island in the middle captures your attention. The lake is surrounded by centuries-old beeches and firs. Their trunks can be embraced several times . The water in the lake is so clear that you can see its bottom. Its water, when seen from distance, seems to be light blue . The air here, as nowhere else, is fresh and light, filled with the aroma of pine needles. It seems that there is no airt at all, one breathes freely and easily. Lake’s area is the largest in the Carpathians .It is located at an altitude of 989 meters above sea level. The average depth of the lake comprises 10-12 meters , the maximum depth is 24 meters . The lake was formed in the postglacial period.

Shypit Fallsis a three-stage cascade of 12m of height, which comes in a narrow steep gorge and is squeezed on both sides by steep rock ledges. On the way to the waterfall, a series of stages are made.

Wine cellars of Transcarpathia
Transcarpathian region is recognized as a center of winemaking. It should be mentioned that the Transcarpathian wines by their taste qualities are not inferior to the best European branded counterparts.


Lumshory treasure (tubs)
A small , hidden in remote Carpathian Mountains village Lumshory has recently become a brand identity of Transcarpathia. This phenomenal popularity is easy to explain – the tubs are located here. The huge iron vessels for hot bathing in the open air, where 10 people, depending on the tube’s size, can sit. Their sizes are sufficient as well as a number of tubs - closed baths on the banks of a mountain river Turychka .The artificial rapids are constructed along its stream channel in order to to raise the water level in the places where vacationers go down to the river to cool body steamed in tub.


If you dream of breathing a fresh mountain air, touching the walls of the medieval castle, seeing the wooden churches and monasteries, and trying curative mineral water from spring - welcome to Transcarpathia, to the Lileya Hotel.